Gillian White – MSc., PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences

Sleep Series Ebook Edition

Sleep is not just a rest for our brain and body but is absolutely essential to our health and function. Sleep deprivation has similar effects of alcohol on how our brain and body functions and, if prolonged enough, can actually result in death. 50-70 million Americans report a sleep disorder, with 25 million of those reporting obstructive sleep apnea (Institute of Medicine, 2006). While individual needs may vary, sleep stats reveal more and it is generally accepted that adults require 7-9h of sleep per 24h period (National Sleep Foundation, 2010). A reported 35% of adults in the US report less than 7 hours/night of sleep, and 28% report frequent insufficient sleep (Institute of Medicine, 2006).

Learn sleep science and tangible ways to get to sleep and stay asleep in FastTwitchGrandma’s sleep series.

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