Catherine O’Brien

FastTwitchGrandma’s “Kids Need To Move TO Improve – Ebook” is written by contributor, Catherine O’Brien, who focuses on the effects of physical exercise on academic performance in school age children. Research has demonstrated that levels of fitness are positively correlated with academic performance and research done by Fedewa et al. showed the positive effects of integrated physical exercise on performance in mathematics.

The scientific research investigates studies that utilized acute bouts of exercise as the intervention. My reasoning for this is twofold.

First, research has shown that, like extended aerobic exercise, acute bouts of exercise can produce beneficial outcomes related to memory and cognition.

Secondly, high intensity intervals can be done more quickly and take up less learning time. While 30-mintues of aerobic exercise is desirable, educators who are adhering to demanding curricula likely do not have the time to allocate to extended physical exercise.

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Kids Need To Move To Improve – Ebook

Catherine O'Brien FastTwitchGrandma's "Kids Need To Move TO Improve - Ebook" is written by contributor, Catherine O'Brien, who focuses on the effects of physical exercise on academic performance in school age children. Research has demonstrated

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