Strong Is The New Strong – Girls Gone RX

FastTwitchGrandma recently attended Girls Gone RX in Denver, CO. Girls Gone RX is an all female Crossfit competition made up of 3 person teams. Their partner BrightPink.org has a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age. These women are a true inspiration.

66 Burpees For 66 Years | Inside The Gym Of A Crossfit Guru

What is your plan for your next birthday? How about performing burpees? Turning 30? 30 burpees. 40? 40 burpees. 90? 90 burpees. Take a sneak peak into a Crossfit Weightlifting "Guru's" gym and get ready to be inspired by these hilarious masters athletes. For more fitness tips and motivation visit our website at www.FastTwitchGrandma.com.

Leading the Way to a Smaller Waistline and a Bigger Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Smaller Waistline and Bigger Brain A constant regimen of aerobic exercise helps to fight obesity, decrease weight gain over time, and when we do enough of it, get a smaller waistline.  As we exercise and lose weight, another part

The Will To Compete

Mike Choi, 45, is a competitive masters weightlifter. Mike was a "weekend warrior" until he discovered Crossfit. He is now the bronze medalist at the 2017 World Masters Games and the founder of the DC Weightlifting Club. Mike explains the draw he has to competition as the will to compete and the achievement competition brings.

Increase Strength, Increase Lifespan

Katie Rose Hejtmanek, PhD, Anthropologist  With a significant portion of the world’s population aging, it is important to know and understand how best to prevent bone and muscle loss, to decrease rates of chronic illnesses (such as hypertension and high cholesterol) and obesity, and to improve human health and longevity. Some research investigates the relationship between

The Real Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Sara Thompson, MSc, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Human Physiology Research Unit, University of Toronto As people age, there are changes to processes that happen at a cellular level. Examples include a decrease in the activity of enzymes, higher blood sugar levels, and a less efficient way of handling sugar. In addition to affecting

Isometric Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

Catherine O'Brien Alzheimer’s Disease is the leading cause of dementia and currently affects an estimated 5.5 million American adults (Center for Disease Control, 2016). Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control predicts that the incidence of Alzheimer’s will increase in the coming years.  The early stages of the disease are marked by Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Training Your Body and Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Training Your Body and Brain Many different forms of exercise exist.  At the gym, we are given options to use the treadmill, stationary bicycle, Stairmaster, elliptical or participate in a yoga, Zumba or spin class.  We are

5 Ways HIIT Improves Fitness in Women

Alyssa Bialowas Research poll after research poll, male and female adults express that one of the biggest barriers they face to frequent exercise is lack of time. One common assumption is that exercise and physical activity at moderate-intensity for a long period is the superior way to burn fat and improve your overall body composition,

8 Ways To Turn Any Space Into A HIIT Workout

Alyssa Bialowas We all know what it feels like to be on an epic workout stretch and then face an intense week of meetings, deadlines and social obligations to ruin a perfectly good streak. For the millions of reasons in which our busy lives keep us away from getting to the gym rarely do we