Masters Athletes Advice To Their Younger Self

We asked champion masters athletes what advice would you give your younger self?  FastTwitchGrandma athletes Tunde Ridley, Steven Head, Nick Berra, and Ed Roffey provide useful and funny information to athletes at every level of the game.  Enjoy! You Might Like:

What Is Your Why?

FastTwitchGrandma Master Athletes tell their why for competing and staying active.  From not being a hamster to winning gold medals, these athletes' stories are inspiring.  Watching this video will get you thinking, what is your why? You Might Like:

Meet Master Baseball Player Steven Head

Meet 59 year old FastTwitchGrandma master athlete Steven Head from McLean, VA.  Head is a Master Baseball Player and Master Trainer at Sport + Health, Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and Masters player in age 25-plus and 35-plus baseball leagues.  Head gives his background on how he got involved in master baseball leagues and

Training for Power with Master Athlete Steven Head

Train Like A Master Baseball Player: Steven Head

Meet FastTwitchGrandma athlete Steven Head. Steven is a Master Baseball Player and Master Trainer at Sport + Health. He has great workout tips that help him stay "in the game."