Julia Basso – PhD

American College Sports Medicine Conference – Ebook Edition

Over 6000 sports medicine professionals came together in Denver, CO this Spring to discuss topics ranging from Mental Health to Female Elite Athletes.  This Ebook summarizes each day’s keynote presentations and showcases the conference’s amazing lineup of celebrity speakers.  Dive deep into topics such as Exercise Psychology, Neurobiological Effects of Physical Activity, and The Science Behind Lasting Motivation of Sustained Physical Activity.




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Training Your Body and Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Training Your Body and Brain Many different forms of exercise exist.  At the gym, we are given

Exercise Your Gut (Microbiome)

Julia Basso Affiliation: New York University, Center for Neural Science As a neuroscientist who studies the effects of exercise on brain functioning, I am ultimately interested in the connection between the body and brain. At

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Does Physical Activity Help Children With Autism? – Ebook

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is typically diagnosed in toddlers.  The disorder is characterized by various behaviors that impair communication and social interactions.  These stereotyped or self-stimulating (SSB) behaviors refer to repetitive and / or restrictive

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Obesity & Dopamine Dysfunction

Julia C. Basso, PhD Obesity is a major problem worldwide.  In the United States, more than 66% of adults are overweight, with 1 out of every 3 being considered obese (National Institutes of Health). 

A Trick To The Foundation Of Youth?

Julia C. Basso The hypothalamus is an almond-sized structure that sits in the lower, middle portion of the brain.  It consists of a variety of different nuclei that regulate different aspects of behavior including

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Dance Harmony In Woodstock

Julia C. Basso, PhD Remember Woodstock?  If you went to the 1969 festival or not, Woodstock, NY (though not the actual site of the Woodstock Festival) is still a thriving artist’s community.  This town of