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Hydration and Performance, Part 1: FLUIDS

Evan Stevens We previously discussed how masters level athletes’ nutritional needs are almost no different from any other athletes'. The fact that they are all athletes, regardless of age, means that their nutritional needs are

An Uplifting Masters Athlete Success Story

We recently spoke with Woody Deitrich, 64, of Seattle, WA at this year's Huntsman World Senior Games about how he became a masters athlete. Woody's uplifting story of how he began training and competing in

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Protein Intake For Masters Athletes

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP There is robust evidence supporting that master athletes (40 years and over) can benefit the same as younger individuals in response to various type of exercise. These benefits include but not limited

Swim Workout From Masters Swimmers, The Holman Twins

Masters swimming twins, Mary and Sara Holman, 31, show one of their favorite swim workouts, the "Melvin." These FastTwitchGrandma twins were 2nd and 3rd in the 800m freestyle 3000m open swim at the 2015

The Masters Sprinting Community – Friendly And Competitive

Meet 41 year old Antwon Dussett, Masters sprinter, from Peoria, Illinois. Dussett who is a Gulf War veteran started sprinting in 1994.  He is a 400m 2000 Olympic trials qualifier, 400m 2017 World Indoors Masters

Women’s Weightlifting Highlights!

The Rocky Mountain State Senior Games in Colorado Springs, CO hosted the olympic weightlifting competition. FastTwitchGrandma was there reporting on our brand ambassador, Kathy Dahlman. Watch this inspiring video of Kathy competing alongside 2016 Rio

Meet Masters Sprinter Steven Sashen

Meet one of the fastest Masters sprinters in the United States, Steven Sashen. At 55 he proves speed does not decline with age. Sashen, founder of Xero Shoes, shares his passion for sprinting and tips

Meet Olympic Masters Powerlifter Gordon Santee

Gordon Santee, 70, from Redondo Beach, California is an Olympic powerlifter and referee. Along with being a AAU Powerlifting Hall of Famer, Santee's personal best is 302.5 KG total in the squat, bench press, and

2017 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Track & Field

The Rocky Mountain Senior Games are held in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. FastTwitchGrandma marketing team attended the events and met some incredible Masters athletes. This video is a highlight of their stories, tips, and races.

Meet Masters Cyclist Robert Paganini

Robert Paganini, 81, is a masters cyclists from San Diego, CA competing in the USA Masters Games. Robert says his success in cycling is riding long rides everyday and going until he feels like stopping.

2017 USA Masters Opening Ceremonies

The 2017 USA Masters Games in San Diego, California have officially kicked off! Watch this highlight video and get ready to be inspired. Good luck to all the participants. FastTwitchGrandma will be reporting live from

Fitness For Every Generation – Interview With Virginia Davies

FastTwitchGrandma's co-founder Virginia Davies talks to New York 1 news about the importance of staying active while having fun over fifty.  Davies points out specific ways to work your 5 bio-motor abilities with an emphasis

Masters Athletes Advice To Their Younger Self

We asked champion masters athletes what advice would you give your younger self?  FastTwitchGrandma athletes Tunde Ridley, Steven Head, Nick Berra, and Ed Roffey provide useful and funny information to athletes at every level of

Meet Master Racquetball Champion Shirley Parsons

Meet master racquetball champion Shirley Parsons!  Parsons is a 67 year old racquetball player from Rangely, Colorado.  She has been playing since college and has won gold in the Huntsman's World Senior Games for the last

Tempo Workout From World 400m Masters Champion

Meet Antwon Dussett, a 41 year old master sprinter who just last week won gold in at the world indoor master's track championship.  Dussett takes us through one of his tempo workouts to build

5 Bio-motor Abilities

FastTwitchGrandma's founder Virginia Davies explains the 5 bio-motor abilities crucial to a well-rounded training plan which includes speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. You Might Like: