Can Caffeine Improve Sprint Time In Elite Swimmers?

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Caffeine is an ergogenic aid, meaning it’s a substance that may improve performance and stamina. Elite athletes often use ergogenic aids to enhance their energy and execution. Sprint swimmers

HIIT Responses In Endurance & Sprint Athletes

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a widely popular training method used in both endurance and sprint training. For endurance athletes, HIIT is beneficial in a number of ways,

It’s Not Too Late To Become A Runner

Alyssa Bialowas Running has many benefits for your health, from helping you lose weight, to relieving stress and boosting your mood, and preventing diseases like cancer and heart disease. There are different types

  • family hula hooping

Find Your Rhythm Through Hula Hooping

Gabrielle Revlock Edited by: Julia C. Basso, PhD Rhythm is the brain’s bread and butter. In fact, neurons fire together in rhythmic patterns called oscillations. These brain rhythms keep time, allowing us to track

Short Sprint Hurdle Drill | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

Short sprint hurdle drill is an excellent drill to help promote proper cycling. It is especially useful to help with poor knee drive and heel recovery, both imperative for longer, more frequent and powerful

The Next Best Supplement For Exercise Performance

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Korean Ginseng is a nutraceutical herbal supplement, that when ingested offers benefits such as stress management and resistance to fatigue. Following an acute bout of resistance exercise, Korean Ginseng

  • Stretching

The Truth Behind Static & Dynamic Stretching

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Effective stretching techniques used by athletes offer vital benefits to their competitive performance, such as flexibility, increased range of motion, injury prevention, and the prevention of muscle soreness prior to

Postpartum Lower Core Exercises | FastTwitchGrandma Tips & Tricks

FastTwitchGrandma presents Lower Abdominal Exercises for Postpartum or major pelvic surgeries (I.e. hysterectomy, cesarean delivery etc): 1.Diaphragm breathing (5 x inhale for 5 exhale for 5) 2.Leg Extensions (12-14 reps each side) 3.Heel Slides

Can Head Cooling Increase Aerobic Performance In The Heat?

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Thermoregulation and managing heat stress is critical for aerobic and anaerobic athletes that complete in hot and dry conditions. Competing in such conditions can diminish physical performance, and athletes

  • Couple dancing

Do Younger & Older Brains Respond Differently To Dance?

Aga Burzynska, PhD Dance – as a ritual, therapy, and leisure activity – has been known for thousands of years. Today, dance is increasingly used as therapy for cognitive and neurological disorders such as dementia, multiple

Running Cool Down Drills | FastTwitchGrandma Running Tips & Tricks

Post Workout Drills Post workout drills are an important tool to help improve performance. These drills are meant to reinforce neuromuscular connections, improve proprioception and body awareness, and improve running economy. The following drills

  • running through sand

Can A Hot HIIT Session Induce Heat Acclimation For Athletes?

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas As an athlete, the climate you train in isn’t always the climate you’ll be competing in. Your body gets used to a certain range of temperature when training and

  • woman_workout

Do Women’s Menstrual Cycle Affect Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

Alyssa Bialowas   Introduction Studies have shown that a woman’s menstrual cycle can affect exercise-induced muscle damage and oxidative stress that follow bouts of physical activity and exercise. Estradiol is an estrogen steroid hormone and

  • Epigenetic Inheritance

Epigenetic Inheritance: Your Children Could Inherit Your HIIT

Dayton Kelly Blowing away long held beliefs of how inheritance operates in humans, comes a new theory that suggests your everyday life may be modifying the set of genetic instructions you transmit to your offspring.

  • DHA Supplementation

DHA Supplementation Reduces Inflammation After Exercise

Alyssa Bialowas Introduction to DHA Supplementation Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is essential for the growth and functional development of the infant brain. It is a primary structural component and required

  • HIIT For Women

Creatine Supplementation and Adaptive Response to HIIT for Women

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP High-intensity-interval training (HIIT) has several well-established performance and health benefits. These include improving body composition, cholesterol, and cardiorespiratory fitness. In the hope of seeing further metabolic and physiological benefits., researchers are

  • woman athlete music

Music – Your HIIT Recovery Secret Weapon

Catherine O'Brien The effects of music on exercise experience is a common theme throughout my articles. I am always interested in the relationship between music and physical activity and how music can alter an exercise

  • woman doing exercise for heart health

5 Ways To Exercise Your Heart

Julia Basso Did you know February is National Heart Month? Exercise beneficially affects the body in a surprising number of ways.  I am excited to be writing a series based on the effects of

  • woman blowing nose

10 Ways To Boost Your Immunity

Dayton Kelly The following was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Walsh, N. et al. [United Kingdom] and Nieman, D. [United States]. Everyone hates

  • Mindfulness and HIIT

Use Mindfulness To Weather the HIIT Storm

Hank Shell So, you’re giving this High Intensity Interval Training thing a shot. Good for you! Really. It’ll pay off in the long run. But, oh yea, also, HIIT IS HARD. That’s the point, of

  • kettlebell

Fascia Warm Up, Strength, & Stretch Plan

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Last week we learned about what the fascia is and why it’s important.  The fascia is difficult to study and understand;

  • migraines-1

Vestibular Migraines: Could Exercise Be The Answer?

Catherine O’Brien My last article highlighted the inverse relationship between headaches and VO2 max levels such that individuals who experienced headaches regularly had, on average, lower VO2 peaks than their control counterparts. Perhaps one of

  • Wall Balls

7 HIIT Medicine Ball Exercises

Dayton Kelly Medicine balls are a cheap and versatile piece of exercise equipment, and, yet, few people realize their true potential within high intensity exercise programming. This potential is a testament to their durability

  • barefoot running

Should Your Next HIIT Workout Be Barefoot?

Dayton Kelly Of rising popularity, especially with the invent of "toe shoes", is exercising barefoot or in minimalistic footwear. This hype supporting the rejection of conventional shoes is largely based behind the theory that evolution

  • Wheelchair sport

The Effects Of HIIT On Wheelchair-Sport Athletes

Alyssa Bialowas There now is widespread acceptance that disability is a social construct with roots in societal attitudes. Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities often face discrimination in many societal institutions, such as access

Core Workout For Runners | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

In the next sprinting video presented by FastTwitchGrandma - imagine a car with a faulty transmission? Can’t even! That’s basically the job of your core-the human body transmission. A great core provides stability in

  • swimming laps

The Effects Of Altitude Training On Competitive Swimmers

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Hypoxic training, also known as altitude training (training at heights above sea level), has been used for athletes in endurance sports to improve performance at sea level. Sport performance

  • kettlebell swings

Are Thermogenic Dietary Supplements Safe & Effective For Resistance Training?

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Thermogenic dietary supplements are multi-ingredient sports supplements designed to improve athletic performance, promote fat oxidation, and increase thermogenesis (a metabolic process where your body burns calories to produce heat).

  • woman running up a hill

HIIT Hill Workouts For Runners

Hank Shell So, it’s winter time. And don’t get me wrong - I LOVE winter. I like skiing, throwing ice at passing cars and, more recently, climbing ice - see Cold ~ Hard ~

12 Strength Exercises For Middle Distance Runners | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

FastTwitchGrandma brand ambassador and author Evan Stevens goes through a strength training regime for middle distance runners. He focuses on dynamic balance with emphasis on form and quick movements emphasizing power. 12 Featured Exercises:

Learn How to Train Like a Masters Sprinter

Meet FastTwitchGrandma masters sprinter Nick Berra. Berra is a 2-time USATF Masters Athlete of the year, 2015 World Masters Bronze Medalist, and 2-time World Indoor Champion in the 800m and 1500m races. In the above

  • foam rolling

What Is The Fascia And Why Does It Matter?

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada For as much as we know about how the body works, there are still mysteries when it comes to anatomy and

What The Heck Is Pickleball? | FastTwitchGrandma Fitness Motivation

What the heck is Pickleball? In this video presented by FastTwitchGrandma you will meet the 2017 USA Masters Games Pickleball champions. The athletes explain how pickleball is a sport for all ages. With less impact

  • resistance-feature

Don’t Resist Resistance Training

Alyssa Bialowas Introduction The strength and thickness ratio of shoulder stabilizing muscles is essential to support the frequent movement and competitive athletic advantage. Due to the dexterity of the shoulder joint itself, the musculature of

  • group push ups

Which Is Better For The Brain – Long Duration Or Short High Intensity Exercise?

Catherine O'Brien High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that utilizes “repeated bouts of short-to-moderate duration exercise at an intensity of 85-90% of peak oxygen uptake or 90-95% of peak heart rate

  • HIIT & Bone Health

Achieve Optimal Bone Health With High Intensity Interval Training


  • gender-feature

Do Children Perform Better In Sports Based On Coach’s Gender?

Alyssa Bialowas   Introduction Coaching is a structured practice of development that helps another individual achieve a specific personal goal by providing guidance and teaching. Coaches develop particular leadership styles to influence an athlete’s behavior

Upper Body Exercises For Sprinters | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

Upper Body Strength is just as important as lower body strength when it comes to the biomechanics of running. There is saying that goes “your legs will follow your arms”. Therefore, in order to

  • pacer

Do You Need A Pacer?

Alyssa Bialowas Introduction Strong displays in endurance sport are as much about pacing as training. The ability to maintain a steady pace is key to endurance performance. There are many pacing tools that an

It’s Never Too Late To Figure Skate | FastTwitchGrandma Motivation Tips

This inspiring video proves that it is never too late to try a new sport such as Figure Skating. These masters athletes prove that you can do anything you set your mind to. They

  • ice-climbing

Cold ~ Hard ~ Ice Climbing in the San Juans

Hank Shell The sound of tearing fabric reached my ear, as it always does, with the delicacy of a lover’s whisper. It was an unintelligible anomaly, mired as it was in the din of the

  • gym high five

Factors That Determine Long-Term Fitness Success

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Public health interventions aim to change the behavior of an individual and promote positive change in a holistic approach to health. Health interventions are used in many stages of

  • tremor in hands

3 Strength Exercises For Individuals With Essential Tremor

Catherine O'Brien Essential tremor (ET) is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary and rhythmic shaking. Typically, tremors occur in upper extremities such as the hands but tremors can exist in other body parts as well

Avoid Back Pain & Stretch Your Hip Flexors | FastTwitchGrandma Tips & Tricks

Prolonged sitting can tighten your hip flexors and when you stand it pulls on your lumbar spine. This can cause severe back pain and muscle dysfunction. This hip flexor stretch is prescribed 2-3 times

  • crossfit class

Are CrossFitters Prone To Injury? | The Answer May Surprise You

Alyssa Bialowas CrossFit emphasizes strength and conditioning that involves progressions in load as well as minor modifications to movements that require increased skill as you progress. This model in exercise regimens is called scalability.

  • mature woman boxing

The Jury Is Out | The Best Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease

Gillian White, MSc, PhD (C) University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition affecting 2% of the population over 70 years of age – roughly 6 million people

  • cyclist

Citrus Flavonoid Supplementation May Improve Exercise Performance

Alyssa Bialowas The proper diet and supplementation regimen can improve exercise performance in athletes. Research supports the idea that nutritional supplementation is beneficial for exercise performance, and aids the process of recovery following exercise.

  • woman athlete planking

Impact Of Omega-3s Paired With Eccentric Exercise

Alyssa Bialowas Enhanced health immunity during the holiday season is crucial to preserve the capacity to train at a high intensity for competition. There is little room for injury, depressed immunity, and illness when

  • runner running through city

How To Treat 7 Common Running Injuries

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Running is an activity that can provide many benefits. It improves cardiovascular function, aids in weight control, and can alleviate stress. 

Hurdle Mobility Circuit | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

Hurdle Mobility - Strengthen those flexors to open up the hips for greater performance and increase in athleticism. A great way to do so will be incorporating hurdle mobility drills to your warmups. Hurdle

  • gym equipment

Stay Healthy At The Gym | 6 Tips For Athletes

Alyssa Bialowas It is challenging to stay healthy in the wintertime; gyms and community centers are swimming with bacteria, fungus, and other things that may reduce your immunity. Going to the gym or participating

HIIT Treadmill Workouts | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

Virginia Davies, founder of FastTwitchGrandma, and John Trautmann, coach for the Mile High Run Club of NYC, talk about the important benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with examples of how HIIT can

  • grabing dumbell

Are You At Risk For Skin Infection?

Alyssa Bialowas It is challenging to stay healthy in the wintertime; gyms and community centers are swimming with bacteria, fungus, and other things that may reduce your immunity. Going to the gym or participating

  • couple running

The Evolution Of Exercise Prescription In Bone Health

Dr. Sarah West In September 2017, I had the pleasure of attending one of my favourite international conferences: The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASMBR).  This annual meeting brings together the best

  • shoulder pain

The 4 Stages Of “Frozen” Shoulder

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Anyone who has hurt their shoulder before can understand the difficulty reaching up for the coffee mug in the morning or

  • agility drills

Plyometric Vs Skills-Based Conditioning For Volleyball Players: How Each Stacks Up

Alyssa Bialowas There is a lack of studies on the effectiveness of plyometric training on conditioning capacities in female volleyball players. Volleyball involves repeated jumping, agility in the form of sprinting and changing direction,

  • practicing meditation

Go Forth & Be Mindful

Hank Shell Well, folks, 2017 is drawing to a close, there’s still no natural snow in my neck of the woods, and suffice it to say that spirits are dwindling here in the sere and

  • downhill skier

4 Ways To Control Competition Anxiety

Alyssa Bialowas Competition anxiety is common in athletes, especially if they struggle to deliver performance. It’s the feeling of stress and pressure right before a competition that can be harmful to athletes and if

Don’t Skip Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility affects the entire kinetic train. Low back pain? Plantar fasciitis? Tight Hamstrings? Ankle mobility could be responsible. FastTwitchGrandma Trainer and Physical Therapist Ryan Cross demonstrates ankle mobility drills to keep you "in

  • runner

High Volume Training Affects Immune System In Endurance Athletes

Alyssa Bialowas Exercising regularly and moderately improves your overall health, which is said to help boost and strengthen your immune system, defending the body against infections. However, overdoing it with strenuous repeated exercise can

  • cyclist

Exercise Recommendations For Irritable Bowel Diseases

Gillian White, MSc, Ph.D. (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBD) include ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD) and are autoimmune diseases characterized by chronic inflammation of the

Perfect Your Sprint Start | FastTwitchGrandma Tips & Tricks

The start to a race is the most important phase. The start can determine win or lose in a close race. This video demonstrates a drill to improve your block start mechanics using the

  • pull ups

10 Exercises For Holiday Travel & Recovery Tips

John Barry Sports Performance Specialist   Travel Plan   When people travel, one main thing comes to mind. Seated. Whether you travel by car, plane, train or horse, that extended period of time is

  • FTG_GiftIdeas2017

Last Minute Outdoorsy Gift Guide

Hank Shell I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL. If you’re anything like me, and hopefully you’re not, you’ve put off gift buying for a couple of those

  • senior man exercising

Is HIIT Beneficial For Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Gillian White, MSc, Ph.D. (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) RA is an autoimmune disorder resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints and has been previously discussed in

  • mature athlete boxing

Autoimmune Illnesses: How To Move When Your Immune System Has Gone Rogue

Gillian White, MSc, Ph.D. (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Autoimmune disorders - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Disease, Fibromyalgia, among others - represent a category of illnesses that are characterized by your

  • jump rope

A Win-Win Combination – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 6)

Evan Stevens We’ve seen that HIIT (shorter, highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or rest) and CEE (a continuous bout of exercise without a break interval and can be performed at low,

  • mature woman working out with trainer

The Brain Effect – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 5)

Evan Stevens At FastTwitchGrandma we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding exercise and brain health. Is there a difference between HIIT (shorter, highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or

  • holiday treats

Main Food Groups: Candy Canes, Cookies, Chocolate and Eggnog

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP If your main food groups are Candy Canes, Cookies, Chocolate and Eggnog this Christmas, keep on reading! If your answer is yes, then join the club, at Christmas we are “forced”-not

  • thecaseforcee

The Case for CEE – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 4)

Evan Stevens CEE has been getting a bad rap lately thanks to HIIT. Passé and the old way of doing things, it isn’t as well liked as the new, hip, HIIT protocols. However, CEE does

  • holiday-feature

Holidays Are Not The Only Contributor | 3 Ways To Avoid Annual Weight Gain

Katie Rose Hejtmanek, PhD Anthropologist CrossFit Level 1 Trainer   It is that time of year again, the time when the average American claims to gain 5 pounds thanks to the holiday festivities. Recently, research

  • mini trampoline exercises

Why HIIT Excels – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 3)

Evan Stevens HIIT (shorter, highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or rest) has an advantage in several areas over traditional endurance exercise. The most touted is probably the time efficiency:

  • 2 women running through the city

4 Areas Of The Brain That Benefit From Exercise

Catherine O'Brien Aerobic exercise has been proven to improve cardiovascular health and diminish the risk of heart disease and stroke. In the last decade, the role of aerobic exercise within cognitive and affective domains has

  • sprinters leaving the block

Why Is HIIT Different? – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 2)

Evan Stevens Why Is HIIT different? Let’s set aside CEE (continuous bout of exercise without a break interval and can be performed at low, moderate, or high intensities) for a minute and just think about HIIT

  • powerlifting

Increase Strength, Increase Lifespan – Powerlifting Could Change Your Life

Katie Rose Hejtmanek, PhD, Anthropologist  Increase Strength, Increase Lifespan Part 2 – Powerlifting as Life Changing Sport In my previous article, I showed that some research investigates the relationship between muscle mass, power, strength, and the

  • hiit-feature

Clash of The Titans – Intervals vs Endurance (Part 1)

Evan Stevens At Fast Twitch Grandma we’ve done a lot of research into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our founder, the Fast Twitch Grandma herself Virginia Davies, initially started our expanding website with the exploration

  • crossfit kettlebell class

Predict Overuse Injuries In CrossFit Athletes

By Alyssa Bialowas CrossFit has gained a lot of traction in the athletic community, especially over the past few years. CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program based on functional movements that reflect several

  • Hydration

Hydration and Performance, Part 3: MANAGING HYDRATION

Evan Stevens When we sweat we lose more than just water. That fine, salty coating on your body contains all your electrolytes that you need to stay properly hydrated which is why it is so

  • Electrolytes

Hydration and Performance, Part 2: ELECTROLYTES

Evan Stevens Electrolytes and the Right Drink For You Welcome back to our continuing discussion and exploration of performance nutrition. Last time we started with the exploration of hydration and how important proper hydration is

  • hip strengthening exercises workouts

5 Creative Hip Strengthening Exercises

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada The importance of hip strengthening can’t be overstated.  In clinic, weakness in the muscles around the hip contributes to pain and

  • runner wearing compression socks

Reduce Exercise Fatigue With Compression & Cold Therapy

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas The typical muscle pain that occurs after exercise results from small tears in the fibers of the connective tissues in your body. There are common practices to help re-circulate

  • woman foam rolling

Reduce Muscle Fatigue With Foam Rolling

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas There are many common therapeutic approaches to alleviating neuromuscular muscle fatigue following training. Such as, nutritional supplementation, wearing compression clothing, cryotherapy, cryocompression, stretching and low-intensity exercise following intense forms

  • woman running

Does Movement Therapy Prevent Running Injuries?

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Runners have an increased risk of injury that results from overuse and overtraining. Preventing injuries that result from running has been a topic of research for those looking for

  • woman stretching hamstring

A Better Way To Treat Your “Pulled Hammy”

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada When you see someone running and then all of a sudden they begin to limp while holding the back of their

  • Woman skiing with no snow

Ski Training Magic Part 3: Intense Low-intensity

Hank Shell I gotta be honest guys. This lack of snow has got me feeling kind of blue. These La Niña years tend to be no bueno for us shmucks down here in the Southwest,

Meet Our Co-founder Grayson Fertig

Meet a master, and FastTwitchGrandma co-founder, Grayson Fertig! Grayson is a former member of the U.S. national bobsled team, so he knows a thing or two about training, staying in shape, and where you can

  • mature athlete drinking water

Hydration and Performance, Part 1: FLUIDS

Evan Stevens We previously discussed how masters level athletes’ nutritional needs are almost no different from any other athletes'. The fact that they are all athletes, regardless of age, means that their nutritional needs are

  • Steal the Sun

Carpe Diem, The Series: “DID SOMEONE STEAL THE SUN?!”

Paul Stevens For those of us who live around the Great Lakes area, we share a common affliction. The month of November is probably the dullest month of the year in terms of what seems

  • Choosing-The-Right-Coach

Choosing The Right Coach

John Barry, Sports Performance Specialist The holiday season is in full swing. No matter what you celebrate, the final 40 days of the calendar year are very hectic. A long list of chores and expectations

  • man running on the beach

Athletes May Be Suffering From Vitamin D Deficiency

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP If you are not getting out a few times per week for about 10-20 minutes to get some full body sunshine, which it is more likely with winter just around the

  • Couple hiking in the fall

6 Ideas To Stay Active This Fall

Hank Shell Turkey Day has passed, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the holidays in a cycle of binge eating and collapsing into a food coma, exercise be damned. Here in beautiful

  • Dietary Strategies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dietary Strategies For Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Mojtaba Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic condition in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its joints. Approximately 1 percent of all individuals across the world are affected by this

  • medicine ball squats

Keep Moving – Aerobic Exercise Increases College GPAs

Julia C. Basso, PhD Reporting from the 2017 Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting (Basso JC, Crosta C, Raskin M, Wang A, Kadakia D, Choi J, Milburn E, Trivedi R, Suzuki WA) Long-term aerobic exercise enhances mood

  • beer

Exercise May Improve Brain Health In Adolescent Binge Drinking

Julia C. Basso, PhD Reporting from the 2017 Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting Exercise highlight 5: Voluntary exercise restores adolescent binge ethanol-induced loss of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in adulthood (RP Vetreno, FT Crews) The

  • teen-feature

Smells Like Teen Spirit: The Ever-Changing Adolescent Brain

Julia C. Basso, PhD When I look back on my teenage years, I don’t remember the easiest of times. I remember a period of physical and emotional change that was often accompanied by uncertainty, angst,

  • mature woman trail running

Sense & Movement – A Surprisingly Unique Phenomenon

Julia C. Basso, PhD Reporting from the 2017 Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting The ability to adapt your movement to signals or cues in the environment is known as sensorimotor adaptation, the focus of one

  • Mom with newborn baby

Mothering – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Julia C. Basso, PhD Reporting from the 2017 Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting Becoming a mother can be one of the most amazing, rewarding, and enriching experiences in life.  It can also be one of

  • brother and sister walking home

Learning, Memory, & Decision Making

Julia C. Basso, PhD Reporting from the 2017 Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting Making good decisions requires memory. Take for example, the hangover (maybe that some of us are experiencing today after the reunion with

  • butterfly stroke swimming

Competitive-anxiety & Its Effect On Heart Rate In Swimmers

By Alyssa Bialowas Competition has always been a natural driver in sport. Many athletes face a significant amount of pressure to win and perform their best, with consequences if they drop the ball. Swimming

  • family running in the fall

3 Day Thanksgiving Workout Plan

John Barry Sports Performance Specialist   Looking to make the most of you Thanksgiving Day feast? Let's make those extra calories count. I like to take a 3 day approach to Thanksgiving (or any

  • cc-header

Success Factors for Olympic Cross-Country Skiing

Alyssa Bialowas Introduction On a mission to find best-practice training programs for both sprint and distance cross-country skiing, I came across research from Norway and Sweden that reappraised success factors for Olympic cross-country skiing. Cross-country

  • family laughing and walking

Post Thanksgiving Detox Tips

By Alyssa Bialowas My favorite meal of the year is fast approaching, and this year I have a plan to recover from the overindulgence and the ensuing lethargy that follows. Wine, turkey, stuffing, potatoes,

  • hiit-carbs

Does A Carb Restricted Diet Change HIIT Boost Health Benefits?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Would carbohydrate restriction diet augment HIIT-induced health benefits? High intensity interval training has received so much attention because of the benefits of health and exercise performance. HIIT is a series of

  • Cross-country Skiing

Roller Skiing Predicts Youth Cross-Country Skiing Performance

Alyssa Bialowas Cross-country skiing has gained popularity as one of the most well-loved winter sports. Adults and children alike are making names for themselves as elite cross-country skiers. And, along with any elite sport, training

  • Eccentric Exercise

Eccentric Exercise & Antioxidant Supplementation

Alyssa Bialowas Eccentric exercise is defined as the lengthening of the muscle while contracting, or opposing action that shortens the muscle. Slowing down the elongation of the muscle process is said to lead to an

  • skiers drinking water

Calculate Your Sweat Rate

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP How to calculate your own Sweat Rate? Check your weight in kilos (Kg) prior to exercise session in minimal clothing or naked.  Monitor your fluid intake (L) during your exercise session.

  • featured-pushup

Concurrent Training & Its Effect on Muscle & Strength Gains

Alyssa Bialowas Concurrent training is the combination of cardiovascular and resistance training workouts in the same training session and has become quite popular in the training world. Many workout fanatics combine concurrent strength training and

  • masters cyclist

Do Masters Athletes Need Specific Nutrition?

Evan Stevens Nutrition. It’s a topic that stirs debate at every mention. One day you can look in the newspaper and see an article discussing the benefits of high protein diets on weight loss,

  • cold baths

The Skinny On Cold Baths – Do They Actually Work and If So How?

Gillian White - BSc., MSc., PhD Candidate, University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences The Skinny On Cold Baths – Do They Actually Work and If So How? Getting the most out of your workouts,

An Uplifting Masters Athlete Success Story

We recently spoke with Woody Deitrich, 64, of Seattle, WA at this year's Huntsman World Senior Games about how he became a masters athlete. Woody's uplifting story of how he began training and competing in

  • ice hockey

Hydration For Hockey Performance

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Ice hockey is a team sport that requires players to have strength, power, anaerobic sprint ability, and endurance successful (Emerson, 2017). The game itself is characterized by intermittent, high-intensity bouts of

  • Flaxseed supplementation

Flaxseed Supplementation, Walking, and Hypertension

Hypertension is a chronic condition that can lead to cardiovascular disease or stroke, if not treated properly. As we age (mainly after 40 years), our rate of hypertension will go up. However, engaging in regular physical

  • cross country skier

HIIT Exercises To Prep Your Body For Winter Sports

Alyssa Bialowas As an avid snowboarder and former competitive hockey player, winter sports have always been a significant part of my life. If you’re a big fan of winter sports too, you’re likely aware of

  • mature-athlete

Exercise Training Plan For Patients With Breast Cancer

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Prevalence of breast cancer is alarmingly increasing in women across the world which is the leading cause of cancer death in this population. Despite using the advanced methods of treatments (e.g.

  • couple running in fall

How Will Turkey Dinner Impact Your HIIT Workout?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Who doesn’t like to get more health benefits while they are exercising in shorter periods of time? So, thanks to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which helps so many people with a busy

Meet a Track & Field Masters Athlete

Recently, FastTwitchGrandma attended the Huntsman Senior Games, where we stopped to talk with 52-year old professional runner Cindy Blakeley-Cameron. Cindy speaks with us about her professional running history and the records she has set, shares her

  • Heroes

Carpe Diem, The Series: “TOO OLD TO HAVE HEROES?”

Paul Stevens Last week, there was a book signing event at the local library here in Sarnia. That sort of thing usually doesn’t hit my personal radar screen, but this particular one caught my attention.

4 Warm Up Exercises for Treadmill Sprinting

Virginia Davies, founder of FastTwitchGrandma, and John Trautmann, coach for the Mile High Run Club of NYC, demonstrate the functional drills you can use to warm up effectively and safely for treadmill sprinting. High-Knee Run Bounce

  • ski conditioning

Ski Training Magic Part 2: Hurry Up and Weight!

Hank Shell Another week, another round of snowfall in Colorado’s San Juans. My friend and I awoke to find our hunting camp blanketed in two inches of the white stuff this past weekend, and as

  • dry needling

Reduce & Prevent Injuries With Dry Needling

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Maintaining an active lifestyle has many benefits, but it comes with a risk of pain or injury.  Although muscle soreness is

  • girl rock climbing

Children & Relative Age Effect

Alyssa Bialowas Relative Age Effect is the bias that athletes at the top level of their sport are older, and were born in months earlier in their sports relative cut-off period. For instance, a hockey

  • alpine skiing

Is Skiing An Effective Alternative To Indoor Cycling?

Alyssa Bialowas As the days start getting shorter and colder, physical inactivity becomes the new norm for a lot people. Ask yourself this: How many times have you walked straight home after work, bypassing

  • woman drinking sugary drink

A Taste Of Sugary Drinks May Improve Athletic Performance

Dayton Kelly SUMMARY: High carbohydrate drinks improve short term performance (<1 hour) when swished in the mouth without swallowing (Burke & Maughan, 2015). Swallowing may increase performance benefits, but at the risk of discomfort during

  • couple trail running

What Factors Determine Ultra-Marathon Success?

Julia C. Basso, PhD 100 miles is approximately the distance from the surface of the earth to the planet’s boundary, called suborbital space. This is also the distance run by ultra-marathon racers. To be

  • woman running on treadmill

Exercise Affects Symptoms Of OCD

Catherine O'Brien Throughout my research, one theme has continued to emerge: exercise has powerful effects that can be used for treatment of various psychological impairments. While my current research focuses largely on healthy populations,

  • Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

Hadley Seward Do female athletes need more sleep? Female athletes face different challenges than our male counterparts. Women are more likely to sustain sports-related injuries than men [1]. We experience hormonal fluctuations throughout the

How HIIT Changes Our Body

Evan Stevens Researchers looked at how HIIT (high intensity interval training) changed glucose metabolism in diabetic mice. We have known for a long time that exercise can be used to improve, treat, and prevent

Pickleball: A Competitive & Fun Form of HIIT

Pickleball enthusiasts Lori Tokutomi and Lynn Hyche speak to us at the 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games about their love for Pickleball, a paddle game that is a fast-paced and competitive adaptation of tennis, badminton,

  • woman sprinting

The Science Behind Good Running Music

Catherine O'Brien What makes a good running song? A couple weeks ago I discussed research that supported the incorporation of music into physical exercise. A quick refresher: the research shows that working out with music,

Improve Your Sprinting Technique & Form

John Trautmann is a 1992 US Olympian and 1- mile run World Record holder for men aged 45-49. Learn the key principles of sprinting form and technique as John demonstrates the mechanics involved: Sprinting Posture Relax

  • hockey players

HIIT For Hockey Performance

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada The hockey season is kicking into full gear for the pros in the National Hockey League and the Joe’s in the local

  • woman trail running

Exercise & Celiac Disease

Julia C. Basso, PhD Eating gluten free seems to be in fashion at the moment. You can find gluten free foods at almost every super market these days. However, for some gluten free is

  • grandpa feeding granddaughter fruit

How Fruits & Veggies Counteract Chronic Disease

Evan Stevens The CDC recently released an article detailing how we should start emphasizing the consumption of nutrient-dense foods in our diets over the foods we typically consume in a western diet. This article comes

  • group spin class

Protein Intake For Masters Athletes

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP There is robust evidence supporting that master athletes (40 years and over) can benefit the same as younger individuals in response to various type of exercise. These benefits include but not limited

  • skiing

Ski Training Magic Part 1: Leg Blasters

Hank Shell It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, snow is falling in the mountains, and I have a couple thousand hard-earned dollars just burning a hole in my pocket. Yes,

Bond With Your Child – Intergenerational Gymnastics

Did you know - children who bond with their parents as a toddler are less likely to be obese as teenagers? Chelsea Piers 'Tots' class in New York City is an excellent example of a

95 Year Old Track Star

Mary Kemp, age 95 battles it out on the track field during the 100m dash. Kemp started running at the young age of 94. Through her daughter-in-law and son's motivation to keep going everyday she

These 92 Year Olds Will Change Your Life

Meet Sid and Dotty. We caught up with these two competitors at the 2017 Huntsman Games in St George, UT. Sid and Dottie are only months apart in age and still highly competitive in the

  • playing hockey outside


Paul Stevens When you see the above words, your mind may wander to a Christmas-time song.  In my little world, it reflects the fact that hockey season is now upon us.  I look forward to

A Short Workout Might Be All You Need

by Fiona Callender and Sara Thompson Wheels up and full of excitement, Sara Thompson and I began our journey to Europe to meet with leading researchers in the field of high-intensity exercise. The first stop

  • Muscles and Mind, Mind-Body

Yoga: A Mind-Body Practice That Improves the Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, Post-doctoral Research Associate, New York University, Center for Neural Science Yoga: A Mind-Body Practice That Improves the Brain Yoga is an ancient Indian mind-body practice that focuses on both movement (asanas)

  • rock climbing

Rock Climbing Helps Control Emotions

Catherine O'Brien According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for individuals between the ages of 15-44. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual

  • group of dancers

Dancing Can Reverse Aging In The Brain

Julia C. Basso, PhD A healthy and functional brain requires healthy, intact cells that fire effectively. Action Potentials Neurons generate action potentials, which are the brain’s primary source of currency. Action potentials are electrical

  • proper sprinting mechanics push vs pull sprinters

Push or Pull? Sprinting Mechanics and You

Evan Stevens One of the comments that I received after last weekend’s UWO Health and Wellness Symposium was what it meant to be a “push or pull sprinter.” This comes from a comment that Mr.

Strong Is The New Strong – Girls Gone RX

FastTwitchGrandma recently attended Girls Gone RX in Denver, CO. Girls Gone RX is an all female Crossfit competition made up of 3 person teams. Their partner has a mission to save women’s lives from

  • couple performing box jumps

Maximize Performance With Plyometrics & HIIT

Alyssa Bialowas Plyometric exercise is described as explosive movements in which your muscles exert maximum force in the shortest period of time. Think: Squat jumps, box jumps and kickboxing kicks. These high intensity exercises

  • athlete swimming laps

4 Alternative Activities That Mimic HIIT

Alyssa Bialowas Experts say that high intensity interval training (HIIT) should not exceed 3-4 times per week to allow time for your muscles to recover and to prevent serious injury. Depending on the week, I

  • mature athlete jump roping

4 Tips To Keep Your HIIT Frequency In Check

Alyssa Bialowas There are countless benefits of high intensity interval training that effect a person’s overall health and mental well being, such as increasing your metabolism which in turn burns more fat, increases your aerobic

  • woman meditating on beach

Boost Creativity With Meditation

Catherine O'Brien What is meditation? According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, meditation is a mind-body method that utilizes various techniques to unify the mind and body. Meditation can involve focused attention

  • woman with lower back pain

A Natural Alternative To Pain Killers

Julia C. Basso, PhD Pain is a complicated clinical issue, mostly because pain is a complicated neuroscientific issue. When we get injured, the body sends signals to the brain to indicate that we are

  • woman eating oatmeal

8 Ways to Augment The Oatmeal Breakfast

Amanda Carney Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as it should be – what you choose to eat will determine how you feel throughout the day, and likely, what other food

  • cycling along lake

Carpe Diem, The Series: “SO, YOU THINK YOU’RE PRETTY GOOD, EH?”

Paul Stevens This past weekend, the Manditos (my cycling group in Sarnia) headed to the “thumb of Michigan” where one of our members has a family cottage.  Next time you look at a map, check

  • woman recovery from run

Is Milk Beneficial for Exercise Recovery?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP The animal source proteins such as milk, containing 80% casein and 20% whey, are considered as high-quality sources. Milk proteins result in greater muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and greater hypertrophy compared to

66 Burpees For 66 Years | Inside The Gym Of A Crossfit Guru

What is your plan for your next birthday? How about performing burpees? Turning 30? 30 burpees. 40? 40 burpees. 90? 90 burpees. Take a sneak peak into a Crossfit Weightlifting "Guru's" gym and get ready

  • Smaller Waistline and Bigger Brain

Leading the Way to a Smaller Waistline and a Bigger Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Smaller Waistline and Bigger Brain A constant regimen of aerobic exercise helps to fight obesity, decrease weight gain over

Stay Young One Step At A Time | Master’s Track & Field

The FastTwitchGrandma marketing team attended the Pueblo Masters Track & Field event and met some incredible Masters athletes. This video is a highlight of their stories, tips, and races from sprinting to pole vaulting. Takeaway:

The Will To Compete

Mike Choi, 45, is a competitive masters weightlifter. Mike was a "weekend warrior" until he discovered Crossfit. He is now the bronze medalist at the 2017 World Masters Games and the founder of the DC

  • hockey stadium

6 Exercises To Get Ready For Hockey

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada   The sights, sounds, and smells of a season bring inspiration and motivation. Being from Canada, this is most definitely true for

  • woman waking up

5 Exercises To Improve Your Sleep

Catherine O'Brien Sleep, like exercise, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is no surprise that there is a wealth of research on the link between exercise, sleep and performance. The aim of

  • mature athlete drinking water

What Toxins Are Lurking In Your Brain?

Julia C. Basso, PhD As a scientist who studies the effects of exercise on the brain, I am always thinking about what exercise-induced factors (from muscles, bones, organs, brain tissue, etc.) cause the beneficial effects

  • senior man performing kettle ball swings

Increase Strength, Increase Lifespan

Katie Rose Hejtmanek, PhD, Anthropologist  With a significant portion of the world’s population aging, it is important to know and understand how best to prevent bone and muscle loss, to decrease rates of chronic illnesses (such

  • Balancing Sleep & Exercise

4 Tips for Balancing Sleep & Exercise

Gillian White, HBSc, MSc, PhD (C) One element of our training regime that is critical to making training gains and performing better in all aspects of life, from muscular strength and endurance to learning and

  • woman eating and drinking

6 Ways To Avoid Hunger That Leads To Overeating

Alyssa Bialowas Dieting and body image in sport can lead to the development of either exceptionally healthy or unhealthy eating patterns in athletes. After an intense workout I can overeat to no bounds with little

  • Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

The Real Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Sara Thompson, MSc, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Human Physiology Research Unit, University of Toronto As people age, there are changes to processes that happen at a cellular level. Examples include a decrease in

Meet A Master: Tracey Battle – The Track Family

A profile of Sprinter/Jumper Tracey Battle.  She keeps her training fun and competitive by including her family.  See how Tracey, her husband Marcus, and her 7-year-old granddaughter continue to reinvent track and field workouts.  She breaks

  • exercise class in the pool

Alternative Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

Catherine O’Brien The Problem Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by impairments in movement and balance. It is estimated to affect 2 million Americans and tends to be more prevalent in older populations

  • sore-muscles

6 Cures for Sore Muscles After HIIT

Alyssa Bialowas Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is essentially your body’s response to muscle pain after a workout. This response sends a signal to your body to leave those muscle alone and results from microscopic

  • Soccer workout

Soccer: A High Intensity Workout for the Soccer (Grand)Mom

Fiona Callender and Sara Thompson Still on a high from our visit in Dundee, we headed to Copenhagen to meet Professor Peter Krustrup. Dr. Krustrup is quite a celebrity in the world of high intensity

  • man eating an apple

Should I Eat Before Or After My HIIT Workout?

Alyssa Bialowas Okay so you did it – you’re awake and you’re mentally ready to go to the gym, to the park, or even just downstairs to your living room where you’ve set up your

Improve Your Game With Plyometrics

Tracey Battle, 50, is a 2017 USATF Masters Track & Field champion in the long jump and triple jump. Workout Warmup - Strides: 1. Begin 1/4 down jump runway, running to sand. 2. Rest up

  • sleep apnea

Exercise, Airways, and Sleep Apnea Prevention

Gillian White, H.BSc., M.Sc., PhD (C) University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences As previously discussed in the recent “What’s keeping you awake” article, both acute and chronic exercise has been shown to improve sleep

  • man running on track

Lifestyle Recommendations To Prevent Cognitive Decline

Julia C. Basso, PhD Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 60-80% of cases, and is characterized by problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. AD is progressive; symptoms worsen

  • woman with bike

Carpe Diem, The Series: WHO STOLE SUMMER?

Paul Stevens Looking at the calendar, Labor Day is but a memory and that means that summer if all but done.  I know, you are going to say that summer doesn’t actually end until September

Masters Track & Field Inspiration

These Masters Track & Field athletes prove age is just a number. Recently FastTwitchGrandma attended the Pueblo Masters Track & Field meet and got to know these incredible athletes competing in everything from the high

  • plank

Isometric Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

Catherine O'Brien Alzheimer’s Disease is the leading cause of dementia and currently affects an estimated 5.5 million American adults (Center for Disease Control, 2016). Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control predicts that the incidence of

  • Training

Training Your Body and Brain

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Training Your Body and Brain Many different forms of exercise exist.  At the gym, we are given

  • women exercising

Women & High Intensity Interval Training – Ebook

Research poll after research poll, male and female adults express that one of the biggest barriers they face to frequent exercise is lack of time. One common assumption is that exercise and physical activity at

  • 2 male runners

Running Does Not Cause Arthritis

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Physical changes happen to us as we age; it is a fact of life.  For example, most people will develop wrinkles

  • couple running

The Crucial System Responsible For Runner’s High

Catherine O'Brien A runner’s high is a state or feeling that is reached after a long bout of aerobic exercise. This state is often described as containing three distinct qualities: Euphoria Reduced anxiety Decreased

Swim Workout From Masters Swimmers, The Holman Twins

Masters swimming twins, Mary and Sara Holman, 31, show one of their favorite swim workouts, the "Melvin." These FastTwitchGrandma twins were 2nd and 3rd in the 800m freestyle 3000m open swim at the 2015

  • woman cycling

Effect Of Gluten-Free Diet On Endurance Performance

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Non-celiac Athletes Approximately 70% of endurance athletes experience gastrointestinal distress during their event and it is estimated that a gluten-free diet may reduce these negative symptoms (Lis et al., 2015). Lis, Stellingwerf,

  • man running

HIIT: Increase Intensity To Lengthen Healthspan – Ebook

Evan Stevens FastTwitchGrandma emphasizes the importance of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) incorporated into workouts. In this ebook, Evan Stevens, an accomplished sprinter covers many topics related to HIIT training. The first article explains the importance

  • woman running stairs

5 Ways HIIT Improves Fitness in Women

Alyssa Bialowas Research poll after research poll, male and female adults express that one of the biggest barriers they face to frequent exercise is lack of time. One common assumption is that exercise and physical

  • Wheelchair sport

The Effects Of HIIT On Wheelchair-Sport Athletes

Alyssa Bialowas There now is widespread acceptance that disability is a social construct with roots in societal attitudes. Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities often face discrimination in many societal institutions, such as access

  • Music and Workouts

Is Quality Sleep a Predictor for Sports Injury?

Hadley Seward - certified sleep consultant and certified health coach Getting enough sleep should be a priority for everyone--for physically active people, it’s especially important. Lack of sleep can slow reaction time and make you

Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff

FastTwitchGrandma physical therapist, Ryan Cross, demonstrates a simple rotator cuff exercise. By performing this exercise you can prevent shoulder pain or a rotator cuff tear from happening. You Might Like:

The Masters Sprinting Community – Friendly And Competitive

Meet 41 year old Antwon Dussett, Masters sprinter, from Peoria, Illinois. Dussett who is a Gulf War veteran started sprinting in 1994.  He is a 400m 2000 Olympic trials qualifier, 400m 2017 World Indoors Masters

  • cycling desk

Cycling Desks: Good For Your Body & Your Brain

Catherine O'Brien The Problem: “Sitting is the new smoking”. This is a phrase that I heard numerous times while working my last office job. Of course, this is an alarming statement so I made a

  • colorado-fourteeners

Staying Safe On Colorado’s Fourteeners

Hank Shell It was a dry and frost-hewn August morning when I rose in the dark to snatch my roommate’s blender from the kitchen counter, absconding with it to the basement where I could floor

Exercise Your Gut (Microbiome)

Julia Basso Affiliation: New York University, Center for Neural Science As a neuroscientist who studies the effects of exercise on brain functioning, I am ultimately interested in the connection between the body and brain. At

Women’s Weightlifting Highlights!

The Rocky Mountain State Senior Games in Colorado Springs, CO hosted the olympic weightlifting competition. FastTwitchGrandma was there reporting on our brand ambassador, Kathy Dahlman. Watch this inspiring video of Kathy competing alongside 2016 Rio

  • kids need to move to improve

Kids Need To Move To Improve – Ebook

Catherine O'Brien FastTwitchGrandma's "Kids Need To Move TO Improve - Ebook" is written by contributor, Catherine O'Brien, who focuses on the effects of physical exercise on academic performance in school age children. Research has demonstrated

  • Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

The Power Of Music During Exercise

Catherine O'Brien Good music can be a significant motivating factor during exercise. In my experience, a good playlist boosts excitement and energy throughout my workout.  I love pairing my music to match my workout and

  • Children playing

Does Physical Activity Help Children With Autism? – Ebook

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is typically diagnosed in toddlers.  The disorder is characterized by various behaviors that impair communication and social interactions.  These stereotyped or self-stimulating (SSB) behaviors refer to repetitive and / or restrictive

  • Rowing Stroke

Mastering the Rowing Stroke

Dayton Kelly Mastering the Rowing Stroke or Tackling Technique on the Rowing Ergometer If you are anything like me before I started rowing, you are probably thinking to yourself, what is there to know

Mini Trampoline Exercises – A Fun Alternative

Mini trampolining also known as "rebounding" has taken off as a fun, new alternative exercise for athletes of all Ages. Some benefits of mini trampolining include: 1. Cardiovascular improvements 2. Balance work 3. Weight

  • parents exercising with baby

Baby and Me Workout Plan

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada   My wife and I were blessed with the birth of our first child about 8 weeks ago.  Becoming a parent is

  • cycling group

Carpe Diem, The Series: I Didn’t Say It Was Going To Be Easy!

Paul Stevens Up here in the Great White North a.k.a Canada, we have a long weekend on the first weekend of August.  There is nothing of significance that happened around this time, no historical events

  • gelatin

Gelatin – The Anti-Injury Answer? (Sorry Vegetarians)

Evan Stevens Getting injured sucks. Anyone who would tell you otherwise has either never been injured (highly unlikely) or never had the passion in the first place. The forced time away from something you love

  • woman doing yoga in the city

Maximize Results By Combining Yoga & HIIT

Alyssa Bialowas The effects of yogic exercise and its ability to increase an individual’s aerobic capacity are seldom studied.  Yoga is widely understood to confer benefits to a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well

  • woman working out in the park

8 Ways To Turn Any Space Into A HIIT Workout

Alyssa Bialowas We all know what it feels like to be on an epic workout stretch and then face an intense week of meetings, deadlines and social obligations to ruin a perfectly good streak. For

4 Essential Exercises

Dayton Kelly Essential to the development of any strong training plan is the concept of muscular symmetry: following a training program that excludes certain muscle groups promotes injury and leads to a plateau in

  • beet root juice

Pump Up Your Performance With Beet Root Juice!

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Annie Vanhatalo PhD (University of Exeter, UK). Beet root juice is currently in

  • woman runner with headache

Headaches and VO2 max

Catherine O’Brien Headaches are a prominent health concern with 1 out of every 7 Americans suffering from headaches regularly. Because of the prevalence of this problem and my own curiosity about headaches as they relate

Meet Masters Sprinter Steven Sashen

Meet one of the fastest Masters sprinters in the United States, Steven Sashen. At 55 he proves speed does not decline with age. Sashen, founder of Xero Shoes, shares his passion for sprinting and tips

  • dopamine-dysfunction

Obesity & Dopamine Dysfunction

Julia C. Basso, PhD Obesity is a major problem worldwide.  In the United States, more than 66% of adults are overweight, with 1 out of every 3 being considered obese (National Institutes of Health). 

Get in the Zone: Heart Rate Monitoring

Dayton Kelley The Fast Twitch Grandma readers are well-informed individuals after having explored our website. Our readers know that exercise offers a bounty of physical and mental benefits including extended life expectancy (Lee, et

  • track and field runners at the starting block

Carpe Diem, The Series: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Paul Stevens Carpe Diem (but in a relaxed sort of way) “NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!” For any of you that may have seen the 1999 Tim Allen science fiction comedy movie “Galaxy Quest”,

Health Challenges and Cleanses – A Help or Hinder?

Gillian White - MSc, PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto  Health Challenges and Cleanses – Helping or hindering for your resolutions. A personal account. I will start by saying that I am not the type

  • kids running

Effects Of Outdoor Activity On Children With Autism

Catherine O'Brien In previous articles, I have discussed the role of exercise in reducing stereotypical behaviors in children with autism. The research has shown that the intensity and duration of exercise are key variables in

A Trick To The Foundation Of Youth?

Julia C. Basso The hypothalamus is an almond-sized structure that sits in the lower, middle portion of the brain.  It consists of a variety of different nuclei that regulate different aspects of behavior including

Family Proves Staying Active Is Timeless

The Rubadeau and Trenary family prove that age is not a factor when it comes to staying active. From their 73 year old Great Grandpa Bob Trenary to 4 year old Summer Skye, they are

Power Training for Runners

Evan Stevens This session had several talks that just went over things we’ve already heard at the conference thus far; there were only two that had some novel information and are presented here. The

Become A Runner at Any Age

Gillian White BSc, MSc, PhD Candidate University of Toronto Exercise Sciences Why society is telling you that you’re too old to run – and why society is dead wrong. Most health publications, including this

  • Sweat

How Sweat Helps You Keep Your Cool

Gillian White   BSc, MSc, PhD Candidate Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto How Sweat Helps You Keep Your Cool As summer winds down and we are faced with the grim reality of

Ab Routine From Masters Champion Tracey Battle

USA Masters Track & Field champion Tracey Battle, 50 years old, shares her ab routine she tries to perform every night. Having a strong core helps her in the long jump and triple jump. At

  • father and daughter playing tennis

Low Intensity, Short Workouts Benefit Individuals With ASD

Catherine O'Brien Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is typically diagnosed in toddlers. As discussed in my earlier article about ASD, the disorder is characterized by various behaviors that impair communication and social interactions.  These stereotyped or

  • crunches

High-Speed Resistance Training

Sara Thompson - M.Sc. in Exercise Science High-speed resistance training (HSRT) is a relatively new approach to combat ailments associated with aging such as decreased muscle strength, decreased functional performance, and decreased quality of

  • 2 ballerinas dancing

Dance Harmony In Woodstock

Julia C. Basso, PhD Remember Woodstock?  If you went to the 1969 festival or not, Woodstock, NY (though not the actual site of the Woodstock Festival) is still a thriving artist’s community.  This town of

  • Fat-Burning Exercise

Fat-Burning Exercise May Be The Key To Make Us Smarter

Julia Basso - PhD I am intrigued by the body-brain connection. As a result, I  am constantly thinking about how all of the physiological things that happen in our body — from exercise like

  • good posture

The Best Posture is your NEXT Posture

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Growing up our parents would always say, “Sit up straight,” or “Don’t slouch!” These instructions were given so that we could

  • "riding for dollars"

Carpe Diem, The Series: “RIDING FOR DOLLARS”

Paul Stevens “RIDING FOR DOLLARS” This past weekend, I participated in another ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating disease that is largely a Canadian phenomenon. For example, a Canadian is 13x more

Meet Olympic Masters Powerlifter Gordon Santee

Gordon Santee, 70, from Redondo Beach, California is an Olympic powerlifter and referee. Along with being a AAU Powerlifting Hall of Famer, Santee's personal best is 302.5 KG total in the squat, bench press, and

2017 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Track & Field

The Rocky Mountain Senior Games are held in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. FastTwitchGrandma marketing team attended the events and met some incredible Masters athletes. This video is a highlight of their stories, tips, and races.

  • woman on the barbell

Post Exercise Meal Impact On Triglyceride & Cholesterol Levels

M. Kaviani Obesity is a leading global health problem and is associated with multiple chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and certain types of cancer (Miyazaki et al, 2002,

  • healthyliving

6 Guidelines For Positive Health Outcomes

Julia Basso – PhD The main message:  sedentary behavior is associated with poor cardiovascular health outcomes.  Exercise is important and we need to get people active as it improves a range of cardiovascular health

  • children hugging

Exercise Helps Individuals With Autism

Julia Basso - PhD Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically emerges before the age of 3.  ASD is characterized by a variety of symptoms including impaired social interactions, problems with

Can Interval Training Help Mitigate Obesity?

Evan Stevens This session really just was in addition to all of the information we’ve already seen at the conference so far. Interval training is very important to health and can increase the palatability

Food vs Protein Supplements

Evan Stevens The final talk in this session was a breath of fresh air for a lot of us. It dealt with the comparison of regular foods versus the use of protein supplements. What

  • children swimming

Building An Autism Friendly Workout Plan

Catherine O’Brien Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a group of developmental disorders that vary in severity. As it is a spectrum disorder, there are mild and severe forms of ASD. According to the Center

Exercise and Digestive Health

Julia Basso - PhD Dr. Shawn Khodadadian of Manhattan Gastroenterology writes that, “Exercise and digestion are mutually exclusive.”  When you exercise, blood travels to your muscles and lungs (where it is needed) and away

  • strawberries

Precision Nutrition and You: Nutrigenomic Approaches To Disease And Health

Evan Stevens We have previously discussed the growing field of nutrigenomics here at FastTwitchGrandma in the article How Should I Eat. The idea of personalized nutrition was introduced – eating based who you are; how nutrition

  • group dancing

Dancing Helps Heal Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease

Julia C. Basso, PhD Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by problems of movement.  Though the disease normally manifests after the age of 60, in rare circumstances, the disease may develop

  • Minimize Jet Lag’s Effect

Jet Lag – Traveling for Competition

Hadley Seward Minimize Jet Lag’s Effect on your Performance By Hadley Seward, certified sleep consultant and certified health coach More than ever, professional and amateur athletes are traveling further and further for competitions. Along

  • “150 FOR 150”

Carpe Diem, The Series: “150 FOR 150”

Paul Stevens “150 FOR 150” On July 1st, we in the frozen north a.k.a. Canada, celebrated the 150th birthday of the ‘True north, strong and free’. What better way to mark the occasion than to

  • Children's-Motor-Skills

The Effect Of HIIT On Children’s Motor Skills

Catherine O’Brien In my last article, I introduced a study that utilized interval training (FUNtervals) in the classroom (Ma, Mare, & Gurd, 2015). The research demonstrated that engaging in FUNtervals had the potential to improve

  • kids jumping jacks

Kids Need To Move To Improve

Catherine O’Brien In my previous article, Study Shows Active Children Are Better At Math, I discussed research that demonstrated a positive relationship between physical fitness and academic performance in children. As a quick refresher, the research

Study Shows Active Children Are Better At Math

Catherine O’Brien We know that aerobic exercise has positive effects on brain health and cognition. Recently, a greater emphasis has been placed on the relationship between aerobic exercise and brain health in the developmental years.

Meet Masters Cyclist Robert Paganini

Robert Paganini, 81, is a masters cyclists from San Diego, CA competing in the USA Masters Games. Robert says his success in cycling is riding long rides everyday and going until he feels like stopping.

  • Dance And Neuroscience

A Conversation Between Dance And Neuroscience

Julia C. Basso, PhD Dance and neuroscience may seem like two distinct fields, but Jody Oberfelder, director, choreographer, and filmmaker, knows that they intersect in intricate ways.  Her recent work, The Brain Piece, just had

2017 USA Masters Opening Ceremonies

The 2017 USA Masters Games in San Diego, California have officially kicked off! Watch this highlight video and get ready to be inspired. Good luck to all the participants. FastTwitchGrandma will be reporting live from

  • woman sprinter

Out Sleep Your Opponents: The Effect Of Sleep On Performance

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Knufinke, M. et al. [Netherlands]. As you probably know, working out when your tired

  • kids exercising in classroom

FUNtervals – Exercise Intervals For Children

Catherine O'Brien High Intensity Intervals: The key to a focused classroom? This month I have been focusing on the effects of physical exercise on academic performance in school age children. Research has demonstrated that levels

  • group jumping rope

Active vs Passive Rest For HIIT Recovery

Dayton Kelly The following was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Wiewelhove, T. et al. [Germany]. Researchers have been in conflict about how best to

  • l-tyrosine

Beat Pre-Race Nerves With L-Tyrosine

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Hase, A. et al. [United Kingdom]. Here at FastTwitchGrandma, we love to indulge the

  • man swimming in ice hole

The Truth About Cold Therapy And Recovery

Dayton Kelly Time to cancel your next ice bath? The truth about cold therapy. This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Poppendieck, W.

  • meditation

The Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Julia C. Basso, PhD Using Meditation to Enhance Attention, Emotional Regulation, and Self-Awareness Here at, we are a group of people who love to exercise and are interested in the beneficial effects of exercise

  • man with low back pain

Back Pain? The Germans May Have Found A Cure

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Spang, C. et al. [Sweden]. Low back pain plagues millions globally with 84% of

  • man bench pressing

Creatine Supplementation For Mature Athletes

Creatinine for more than just body builders? Muscle building in old age. Dayton Kelly The following was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Kaviani,

  • woman running on track

A New Form Of Aerobic Training: Micropause

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Walsh, A. et al. [Ireland]. Micropause Running Not high intensity training, not continuous

  • group climbing ropes

Rope Training – A Form Of HIIT

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Wright, P. et al. [United Kindoms]. Breaking out the ropes: a shortcut to quick

  • omega 3 foods

Fill Up On Omega-3s

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Edholm, P. et al. [Sweden]. Fill up on Omega-3s for strength, lean mass

Using Pilates To Reduce Back Pain

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Mobark, A. et al. [Japan]. Back pain is quickly becoming an epidemic in first

  • stopping to drink hydration

Stopping To Drink: Is It Worth The Time?

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Lewis James PhD (Loughbrough University, UK). Research in dehydration and exercise has long

  • genetics olympic-swimmer

Do Genetics Give You A Competitive Advantage?

Dayton Kelly Born to be fast? The role of genetics in VO2 max. This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Hoppler, H, Switzerland.

  • gender based nutrition

Re-Thinking Gender Based Nutrition

Dayton Kelley Gender Based Nutrition This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Emma Stevenson PhD (Newcastle University, UK). The world of sports is

  • Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

Will Exercise Help Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

Julia Basso, PhD Affiliation: New York University, Center for Neural Science Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by loss of dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta, a part of the brain’s

  • fit 55

Crossfit For All Ages

Katie Rose Hejtmanek, PhD Stay Strong, Mobile, and Able! “It is a great feeling when you can apply what you do in the class to life. The other day I had to take a

  • canal boat in london

Carpe Diem, The Series: Return To The Colonies

Paul Stevens “RETURN TO THE COLONIES” We recently returned from a trip to England, our first across the pond.  We have traveled throughout the western hemisphere but had never ventured eastward.  I don’t want

Strength As A Safety Net

Jon Carlock As time passes and we age, we naturally become more vulnerable to injury. Somewhat of a numbers game, the longer we spend on this planet, the odds increase that we will get hurt

  • women running

Exercise Motivation to Prevent Age-Related Body Changes

Julia Basso - PhD As we age, the body goes through many changes.  These include widespread changes in body composition including loss of muscle mass and bone mass.  With this loss, there is marked reduction

  • contemporary Dance

Cultivating Meaning Through Improvisational Dance

Julia C. Basso, PhD I just returned from the annual Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation (MICI) led by a dance company known as The Architects.  This group is composed of four wonderful women and

  • your first pull-up

Pull-Up Power! – The Road to Your First Pull-Up

By Hank Shell   Real talk: I tend to get ahead of myself when writing these articles. Whether it’s climbing the deserts of Utah or bouldering in the mountains of southwest Colorado, I just get

  • Trails to Visit This Summer

10 Trails to Visit This Summer

By: Hank Shell Here are a few of our favorite trails to visit this summer: 1) Titcomb Basin Location: Pinedale, WY Distance: 27.9 miles Difficulty: Strenuous   Approaching Wyoming’s Wind River Range from the

Sitting Disease – The New Smoking

Evan Stevens Based on a talk by Pete Lemon at Take Control of Your Health/Wellness – Exercise Nutrition Symposium, University of Western Ontario The irony of the first talk was not lost on many who

Tired Of The Same Exercise Routine? Try Tai Chi!

Sara Thompson - MSc in Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto As Evan Stevens discussed in a recent FTG article, osteoporosis occurs naturally with age as individuals tap into their bone reservoirs to absorb nutrients.

A Look Inside The Mind Of Distance Runners

Catherine O’Brien Have you ever driven past a runner and thought “I wonder what is going through their head”? If you are like me, the answer is yes. In addition to observing pace, stride, and

  • Muscles and Mind, Mind-Body

Strengthen Your Muscles, Strengthen Your Mind

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Center for Neural Science, New York University Strengthen Your Muscles, Strengthen Your Mind As we age, we lose approximately 5 pounds of muscle mass per decade (Frontera et

Exercise Induced Sleep Improvements

Julia Basso Getting a good night’s rest is important for so many aspects of our lives including our overall sense of wellbeing.  The fact that we spend on average 33% of our lives sleeping

  • father and daughter weight lifting

Children Weight Lifting: What You Need To Know!

Dayton Kelley Should You Allow Your Child To Weight Lift? This question has seen much discussion in the past few decades, with professionals arguing fervently for both sides. Childhood is critical period of development;

The Truth About Carbo Loading

Evan Stevens Carbo Loading Carb loading, for those who haven’t been around sport for the past 40 years or so, is when you workout really hard, deplete a lot of your glycogen, and then

Fitness For Every Generation – Interview With Virginia Davies

FastTwitchGrandma's co-founder Virginia Davies talks to New York 1 news about the importance of staying active while having fun over fifty.  Davies points out specific ways to work your 5 bio-motor abilities with an emphasis

  • muscle soreness

Protein Quality Dictates Recovery, Not Timing

Evan Stevens “Oh, I’m sore today.” “I feel like it’s getting harder to work out every day like I used to.” “I don’t feel like I am recovering after a workout.” These are the

  • happy walker

Run/Walk Or Run Only?

Catherine O'Brien When I first started running, my mom introduced me to the Galloway Method. This method of running, designed by Jeff Galloway, is a method which involves a combination of periods of running and

  • disc-health

Get Active To Prevent Disc Problems

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada   There are many different reasons to exercise.  Exercise can improve our cardiovascular system, lifting weights can make our muscles grow stronger,

  • Managing Chronic Pain

Manage Chronic Pain with Exercise

 Julia Basso, PhD Chronic pain is a serious and debilitating condition for many people. It affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined (American Academy of Pain Medicine).  An initial incident such as

  • woman sprinter

NEWS RELEASE: Can A Single Exercise Session Benefit Your Brain?

Julia C. Basso (FastTwitchGrandma contributor) and Wendy A. Suzuki Center for Neural Science, New York University, New York, NY, USA NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Abstract. A significant body of work has investigated the effects

  • Quick Facts

Quick Facts For A Healthier You

Evan Stevens Each day between the morning and afternoon sessions of the conference there was a two hour period of mini presentations. These were short, two-minute talks given by people who just wanted to

The Trick Stress Plays on Your Metabolism

Gillian White - BSc, MSc., PhD Candidate A sheep in wolf’s clothing: The mean trick stress plays on your body’s metabolism. University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences For most people reading this article, it’s

  • healthyeating

Exercise Enjoyment May Affect Post-Workout Eating Habits

Catherine O'Brien While a healthy lifestyle is dependent upon various factors, it is widely accepted that nutrition and exercise are two primary factors. Nutrition and exercise interact with one another and increased physical exertion calls

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

American College Sports Medicine Conference – Ebook Edition

Julia Basso – PhD American College Sports Medicine Conference - Ebook Edition Over 6000 sports medicine professionals came together in Denver, CO this Spring to discuss topics ranging from Mental Health to Female Elite Athletes.

  • Simplifying Your Life In the Backcountry

8 Steps to Simplifying Your Life – In the Backcountry

When I was young, I was part of an adventure outing group in western North Carolina – kind of like Boy Scouts, but less formal, more oriented toward outdoor sports, and void of any religious

  • female athletes

Impact Of Competitive Sports On Female Athletes

Julia Basso – PhD Fitness athletes- the healthy body image idea: how are they doing? (Therese Methisen, The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences) Body image is important for the female fitness athletes.  Around 3 to

  • woman running

3 Strategies Behind Motivation & Sustained Fitness

Julia Basso – PhD Presidential Lecture:  No Sweat: The Surprising Science Behind Lasting Motivation and Sustained Physical Activity (Michelle Segar, University of Michigan) Check out Dr. Segar’s book, “No Sweat: How the Simple Science of

Exercise-Induced Increases in Brain Size

Julia Basso - PhD Carbon dating in the human brain:  Implications for exercise-induced increases in brain size        Do you ever wonder why scientists use animal models?  Are you skeptical of findings

  • Size matters

Carpe Diem, The Series: Size Matters

Paul Stevens Carpe Diem (but in a relaxed sort of way) “SIZE MATTERS” Before you let your mind wander with the title of this article, let me take a step or two back to set

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

Day 4 of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference – 2017

Join the #IMove-MENT Julia Basso – PhD ACSM/SBM Co-Sponsored Symposium:  Exercise as an Integrative Approach to the Management of Chronic Pain and Addiction   Psychobiology of pain and exercise in chronic musculoskeletal pain (Dane

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

Day 2 of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference – 2017

Impacts of Exercise, the Gut Microbiome/Metabolome and Immunity on the Brain Julia Basso – PhD Exercise or prebiotic diet increases stress resistance, modulate stress reactive neurocircuitry, and promote adaptive gut microorganisms (Monika Fleshner, University

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

Day 3 of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference – 2017

Neurobiological Effects of Physical Activity Julia Basso – PhD Exercise and neurodegeneration; potential therapeutic role for FNDC5/irisin (Christiane Wrann, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School) We know that exercise improves cognitive functioning, but

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

Day 5 of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference – 2017

Female Elite Athletes: The Impact of Participation in Competitive Sports Julia Basso – PhD Fitness athletes- the healthy body image idea: how are they doing? (Therese Methisen, The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences) Body

  • American College Sports Medicine Conference

Day 1 of the American College Sports Medicine Conference – 2017

Exercise is Medicine for Mental Illness: Developing Feasible and Effective Interventions for Real-world Clinical Settings Julia Basso – PhD Stepping up the treatment of mental illness:  feasibility and acceptability of a 12-week exercise program

  • Ego

Exercise is Contagious – And Your Ego Drives It

Evan Stevens At FastTwitchGrandma we’ve previously discussed the benefits of working out in groups. The most recent article, published by Catherine O’Brien, simply titled “Improve Pace by Running With Others,” looked at how running with

  • Block training

Block Training: Change Your Schedule & Get More Out Of HIIT Workouts

Dayton Kelly So you’ve hopped on the High Intensity Training (HIIT) bandwagon and are ready to ride it to big gains and athletic success. But are you doing it properly? While few employing the

90 Seconds A Day of HIIT Might Be All You Need

Evan Stevens We know that HIIT can be used to improve parameters of health in diseased individuals, but can it work in healthy individuals/a whole population, and if so, how might it work? The

  • trampoline exercises and rebound workouts

A Fun Alternative: Trampoline Workouts

Sara Thompson - M.Sc. in Exercise Science In recent years, a new type of exercise has taken off in North America and around the world. “Rebound exercise”, or “Bouncercise”, comprises of balancing, jumping, and

  • Sleep Better

7 Tips to Get You Sleeping Again

Hadley Seward - certified sleep consultant and certified health coach 7 Tips to Get You Sleeping Again Picture this: it’s 4am and you’re awake. No matter what you try, you cannot fall back asleep. Sound

  • Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

Sleep Series – Ebook Edition

Gillian White - MSc., PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Sleep Series Ebook Edition Sleep is not just a rest for our brain and body but is absolutely essential to our

  • Alleviate Headaches

4 Exercises to Alleviate Headaches

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Headaches are a fact of life. Whether it’s the kids who won’t be quiet, or the relentless pounding after a night out,

  • nervous system anatomy

Exercise and the Autonomic Nervous System

Julia C. Basso, PhD The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a part of our peripheral nervous system that controls our involuntary physiological responses.  There are two components of the ANS – the sympathetic and parasympathetic

  • group cycling

Carpe Diem, The Series: Wednesday Night Group Ride

Paul Stevens What a difference a couple of weeks can make!  To this point, we have had very sketchy weather with lots of rain and cool, blustery days.  Then, POOF! All of a sudden,