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Experts say that high intensity interval training (HIIT) should not exceed 3-4 times per week to allow time for your muscles to recover and to prevent serious injury. Depending on the week, I am lucky if I can fit in two HIIT sessions, let alone exceed four sessions. I tend to get bored and I am constantly on the go, making it difficult to revolve my life around the location of my gym to train. This is why I like to participate in different forms and styles of activity and training that mimic all of the glorious effects of HIIT, as follows:

1. Spinning

spin classOne way to achieve HIIT goals without having to run or sprint would be spinning or cycling. Spinning is a great alternative for low-impact, high intensity training as it is very effective for doing intervals, burning fat and calories while you ride and throughout the day.  Spinning also increases your heart rate.

Another major benefit of spinning is that it is low-impact on your body leading to additional HIIT workouts in your week.


2. Boxing

Boxers use strength training and interval training to achieve maximum fitness results and gains. If you really want to fire up your metabolism and burn fat, integrate a boxing circuit into your fitness routine. Train with a heavy bag to boost your strength and cardio for 25 minutes.  Try each move for 20 seconds and 10 seconds rest – left/right jab cross, hook and weave, and roundhouse kicks with your back legs. First, 20 seconds of jabs with the right hand, rest, immediately perform 20 seconds of right-hand crosses, rest, and do the same with the left hand. After you’re finished your crosses, maintain the same formula with hooks, weaves, and roundhouse kicks, and repeat 8 times.

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3. Trail Running

There are times to forget about the gym and just get outside. The outdoors is our natural playground, and finding the right park or the right trails with the right landscape and incline can provide an optimal training ground. Lots of fitness folk use trail running as their weekly off-day, to switch things up and break a solid sweat. Navigating tough terrain, tricky downhills, and intense uphill inclines will benefit your aerobic health and your overall fitness level.

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4. Swimming

If your gym has a pool, and depending on the season, take advantage of the outdoors and train in a different terrain. That terrain could be any body of water around you – a pool you can do laps in, a river, the lake or the ocean. Swimming activates your upper body muscles, especially your arm muscles and your core. It is also an efficient form of cardio and aerobic exercise, forcing you to control your breathing and build breath control.



This means you have zero excuses not to max that heart rate every day!

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